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“On behalf of myself and my wife, we would like to thank you for your fast filing of our BK. We are glad we chose your company to help us in our time of need. Bless you and may the Lord richly bless you and yours.”

Steven & Mary C.
Fort Collins, Colorado
*Discounted Rate Disclaimer: please note that any reduced rates advertised in our presentations, including web or print advertisements, firm websites, and social media postings by the firm or its staff, are subject to approval by an attorney with the firm based on the applicable requirements for the rate, such as the clients' income, assets, and any other relevant circumstances as presented to the firm at that the time of the intake. Colorado Law Group also reserves its right to adjust its rates based on the amount of work that is anticipated in each case, not only as presented at intake, but over the course of the case should circumstances change. Please note that advertised rates are only for individual chapter 7 cases and do not apply to bankruptcy cases under any other chapter of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. The advertised rates also do not apply to special situations, including but not limited to reinstating dismissed cases, amending schedules in already filed cases, bifurcation, conversion to another chapter, appeal, etc.
Coronavirus update: we are committed to assisting you during these uncertain times. Our offices comply with the State's Executive Order reducing work force and conducting business remote. We can complete all work via phone or email. 

“George: thank you! I appreciate your work on this, and especially that you have kept me informed and stayed in contact throughout the process. I will not hesitate to recommend you should the occasion arise.”

Beverly S.
Denver, Colorado

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"George, thank you so much for your help on everything! We have spoken very highly of you to everyone we know!

If ever you need anything from us, please do not hesitate to ask.

You have given us our life back."

David & Kendra L.
Denver, Colorado

No Additional Fees

It is understandable that individuals in bankruptcy may be looking for the most affordable way to file. In this race to the bottom, folks are often seduced by attractive advertisements promising the lowest bankruptcy fee. Please note that some of these advertisements may omit additional fees that are often tacked on at the time of consultation. Colorado Law Group offers a flat fee and does not charge any additional fees.

Full attorney Representation

When looking for an affordable and reliable way to file bankruptcy, you may come across the various petition preparation services. Please beware that petition preparers are not attorneys and cannot provide you with legal advise. It is not unusual for folks who had used petition preparers to end up losing some or all of their personal property to the bankruptcy, such may include your vehicle, home, etc.

Long Lasting

Colorado Law Group attorneys and staff possess the requisite knowledge and experience to handle any issues that may arise in your bankruptcy case. Over the course of our combined bankruptcy experience of 16 plus years, we have successfully completed 4,000 cases. In turn, the best testament of our lasting success have been the numerous positive reviews from our clients (Please refer to our Review Section).